About Us

Maxxed Performance - Turning dreams into reality. A little bit about Max. Yes, like the name, Maxxed. Brilliant, isn’t it? He is an Army Veteran, who will do anything to give back to other veterans, active duty, first responders, teachers, nurses, & police officers. Max is also bilingual & speaks Spanish. He truly is man who would help a stranger & not think twice about it. He created the shop to be run on a “handshake” & takes our customers word very seriously. He has set out to make customers for life. Maxxed Performance is simply a 6 man show. This is to be sure that every single customer receives the customer service we believe so strongly in. A countless number of customers have our personal cell phone numbers, because we want to be there all hours of the day in case of an emergency. Maxxed is passionate about quality parts, & exceptional service. To name a few brands we choose to provide our customers are BDS, Zone, Carli, Thuren, & Icon. We are passionate about quality & want to provide only the best parts in the industry for our customers. Quality work is the service/task one completes successfully within the estimated time, with the end output satisfying the expectations of everyone involved, including oneself. Our Tech’s pay attention to every detail & every torc spec to make sure no corner is cut, & the job is done correct. We strive to produce the best quality work in the industry for every single customer. We look forward to doing business with you!.