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WHAT IT IS: The Stealth module is a stand alone computer used to improve the diesel truck’s engine performance. It is plug and play style technology. It does not flash the truck’s computer. There is no downloading, no splicing wires, and no modifications required to use this product. Performance gains include: less turbo lag across the whole RPM spectrum, better throttle response, added torque and low-end horsepower. HOW IT WORKS: Stealth Modules control the fuel delivery by intercepting signals after the truck's computer. Some applications bring the rail pressure up to where it should be much sooner while others use pulse width manipulation. By delivering the fuel more efficiently in the RPM range that you drive in everyday, it enables you to keep your RPMs down, hold gears better, and use less throttle to get down the road. MORE POWER: On average we see anywhere from 50-70 hp to the wheels and 100-145 ft lbs of torque on a dyno. The thing is, these modules aren't made for dyno figures or racing. These are to provide functional low to midrange power in the RPM range you use for daily driving. Keep in mind that a dyno measures power at wide open throttle. It can't measure daily driving improvements like rolling into the throttle and holding gears better. These are designed for the 99% of driving situations where your foot is not to the floor.
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